I like to think I started 2017, on the wrong note, I had played the wrong chords and what sounded in my ears were songs with no Rhythm

I sang these songs daily to myself in my closet. I thought they were hit songs forgetting I was somewhat tone deaf

I danced to these songs, day and night not realizing I was dancing off key to songs played on the wrong chords.


So I realized a lot of people are in a hurry to get to 2018, like bags packed and already heading there and am like you guys should chill now, haba? Anyway I thought about why I wasn’t so much in a hurry and I couldn’t blame them. They had gotten all they needed from 2017, like there was no more space for 2017 goodies to fit in their bags they were content or so I would like to think.

I sure am glad a lot of people had a good year, despite the recession and all the drama that comes with living in Nigeria but if I am to be honest, I am in no hurry to meet 2018, she should just chill first, I am still waiting on 2017.

This year has been the most exhausting year ever, in my faith life, love life, career, mehn I worked crazily this year, sometimes I literally felt my head would just explode already.

2017 was so much, I had specifically asked God for two things this year and in December they both seemed to happen and I thought okay I can’t keep calm, maybe this could make up for the year I had. Hnmmmm? The first came and stayed but the second crumbled before it even began luckily I can’t swear to save my life so I settled for a big OOOH SNAP!!!!!!. I thought I was finally done for, like I was gonna die.

The other testimony and all God had taught me flew out of the window,  and i thought to my self, “just close to the end of the year?  haba God na,,  I know you love me so, but this doesn’t make sense.

That was the last I spoke to Him, I had done that all my born again life but it suddenly felt like I was saying or doing the wrong things..So I choose to shut up.

The funny part of it all is how we tend to magnify a tiny bit of our life or one little problem, or How we tend to make them look so big and important that they over shadow every beautiful, important thing God has done. Even God will struggling to be seen, I had made the biggest mountain out of the smallest mole hill and if I do not put a stop to it fast, it will crush me totally.


So even as I am in bed writing, struggling with my thoughts and emotions and digging through the mountain to find my way I realize the only thing that never fails, that we don’t have to assume about, that we can rely on is God’s love. So if I/we have nothing to be thankful for (of which I so do) we can be thankful for the one constant true thing we can always have which is God’s undying love for us.


So guys, I have a very small smile on my lips, and here is what I am thankful for. What are you thankful for?

  • Thanks to those who loved me, it made my heart stronger
  • Thanks to those who cared, made me feel priceless
  • Thanks to those who caused pain, made me realize I wouldn’t die
  • Thanks to those who made me smile, made my little dimple grow deeper
  • Thanks to those who made me laugh, brought joy to my eyes and heart
  • Thanks to those who where patient, made me appreciate you more
  • Thanks to those who shared, it  inspired me to give even more
  • Thanks to those who walked with me, I never felt alone
  • Thanks to those who fought by me, gave me immeasurable strength
  • Most especially, thanks to those who prayed for me, spoke my heart to God on my behalf when I lost my voice
  • You made me survive 2017, one of the most challenging year ever but
  • Thank God He put you in my path to teach me.
  • I hope to be all this to you too, come 2018 (I hope not to cause pain though)
  • Happy New year…I love every one of you
  • Ps: let God’s Beauty fade every ugliness.

…Stay Beautiful Always,,




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