Mother wailing, rolling, tears running.

Her cries and screams feel the air of a Sunday morning.

Her laments, landing on the ears of passer-byes and those roaming.

Stopping in their tracks, feet suddenly failing.


Father stands by; body leaned against the muddy house.

A disguise to stop his knees from failing.

Head on a rhythm left right, left right, his eyes seemed faulty.

As tears dropped, he couldn’t hold them from running.


Sisters hugging sisters, receiving consolation from greeters.

As the pain lashed at their hearts, no mercy, it wasn’t sparing.

Even as they rolled on the dusty red sand like a rolling pin on flour dough.

Hoping if they cried, if they cried just a little harder there would be a reversal.


Neighbors’ scattered about, saddened faces, whispering lips, lashing tongues

Sympathetic gazes, disapproving nods.

This taboo was one selfish.

This taboo was one causing this pain.

The bright Sunday morning, suddenly turning grey, from mourning.


Suicide! Suicide!! Was the silent echo that traveled from lips to the ears of busybodies.

James had taken his life. Letting go of his training to be a diver.

He was no longer going to travel the world all over.

Letting his sisters get drunk with pain, causing them to have a hangover.


His helpless soul had beckoned for help.

Even as depression drew so close, taking him to hell.

Deliverance they said was the key, a demon was stuck within.

So 7days, 7 nights, sleeping on hardened, wooden benches.

He played the part, a demon they said was in him.


The demon must have come with friends after deliverance.

As he fell harder into depression’s blackness.

Depression intrigued him, mysterious and cool he thought.

So they would lie in bed day and night, embraced in the darkness.

They were suited for each other he could tell, so he got lost a little more in her tale.



He wasn’t reaching for help any more, as he held on to her seemingly perfect hands.

She would constantly whisper “you are too good to be here”

Following her leading, He lay with her and eventually laid his life to be with her.

She was his escape route, she was his option.


So on that cold Sunday morning.

He woke to the sweet sensation of her caress.

As she whispered “it is time”

He was ready! This was the way out he had sought.

As he took his diving rope, heading to end his life he thought.


Out in the bush, he set the rope to end his life.

He could see her smile sweetly at him.

Making him eager to put his soul to rest.

He would finally be with her forever, he was certain.


Drawing his last breath, darkness surrounding.

He could feel the darkness caving in all over.

As the grip of pain clutched deep into his neck.

Hurried familiar footsteps, he heard from a distance.

curious; he tried to keep his eyes from going to sleep.

And then he saw them, the  pain, tears on their faces trying to reach out.


He struggled, called out to depression for a do over.

She had moved on to her next pun for fun.

He tried to reach out to them as painful tears fell on cheeks as cold as death

But it was too late.

This shouldn’t have been the plan, shouldn’t have been an option, his hands couldn’t reach the rope strangling all his hope.

It was all dark now, he had lost his life to her who lied

He had gone to a place, dark and empty.

He had committed suicide.

depression 2


Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed.

one thing i have gotten to realize is societies blindness to the high level of suicide happening every single day. we have failed to realize that depression is a sickness probably as bad as cancer or Aids but because it is not a sickness of the body, something we cant see, we just can’t be bothered.

Daily teenagers, adults even children are finding it had to cope or deal with certain issues that affect them.

Recently i was watching a video and it talked about illness we never truly see, the illness that affects our minds. the video talked about the fact that in schools we are taught of how bullying is wrong and how people should always stand against bullying and it stated further that what schools fail to teach or enlighten us on is the effect of such bullying or other emotional psychological or physical pressure which result in depression, bitterness, resentment etc.

Our teachers, parents and those we look up to constantly ignore this very crucial part of existence. kids are not taught what depression is, how to avoid it or deal with it. hence the incessant rise in those living in depression which in most cases lead to ending of their lives.

In Nigeria, there is a growing number of suicide among Nigerians which has become somewhat worrisome to the extent that psychiatrists and other physicians have called for high index of suspicion for signs and symptoms of depression among their patients.  In a Vanguard publication published May 30th, 2017  it reveals that during a lifetime about 3.0 per cent of Nigerians will have thoughts about ending their lives, while some will plan on how to kill themselves and actually carry out an attempt to kill themselves.
According to the World Health Organization, WHO, there are 322 million people living with depression in the world. In the WHO suicide ranking, Nigeria, with 15.1 suicides per 100,000 population per year, is ranked the 30th most suicide-prone out of 183 nations in the world.
Not to bore you with so much details and statistics, i urge you to be a bit more sensitive to people’s emotions. if you sense some one is depressed, try to help or get help for the person. Let us all raise our voices informing every one that suicide is never ever an option. Also remember that we are not called to live get married and get rich these are just extras, our main purpose is to live for Christ by staying true and being His hand in the lives of others.
….Remember to Stay Beautiful Always…











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