she was just seven years old

and she could already feel the cold hands of pain

innocence snatched at an early age, she could go insane

even as she stared blankly at the ground not really seeing

it was glaring what he did but pain and shame kept her from saying


a lanky average height creepy creep

came along and stole her innocence..its effect so deep

he would come around to water the garden and guard the gates

in a slow rhythmic manner, almost as though he had a compulsive disorder

she could feel his gaze on her, each time she came out to play

it would send shivers down her spine

and she would run along anytime she sensed him close.



how could he, He was meant to watch after her

but then he touched her, and touched her some more

shhhh, he wisperd in those voice as cold as ice

shhhhh, i wont hurt you if you stay silent

it was her first sexual encounter and she was just seven


her mind hurt, screamed, she knew it was wrong but she was pinned to the wall

his hands caressing her little body, up and down her little thighs made her skin crawl

she tried to escape, but he wouldn’t let go

struggling to get free even as his hands pierced through her skin pinning her down.


her little blue flowery dress raised up, as he performed oral sex on the 7year old

her innocence he took with out a second thought.

and then a second time it happened, she had been careless in her movement

as she felt the all too familiar shivers she felt when he was lurking around

never suspecting she wasn’t alone until too late

she turned and saw the knowing smile on his creepy lip, she hated

…this time he made her give him a hand job

as he wisperd shhhh, it wont hurt

but it did hurt, more of the mental than the physical

as her mind screamed, shoving and kicking which only infuriated him.

when he was done, he let her run away in pain.


she felt used in the wrong way, like discarded rags

her heart was crushed as she couldn’t understand why

she was unaware that the seed he planted had taken root,

a seed of bitterness, anger and self hate

she was so hung up on it, not being able to forgive

she withdrew just to get less attention, she must have done something wrong to get this aggression

and so they would call her out and laugh at her withdrawal but never really asking why

she stood there quietly, all the while screaming in her heart, for them to see she was hurting but they never did.


so she got hung up on trying to figure out why

screaming at God, saying he was the cause

why else would He let such happen to a seven year old

he sure was the meanest

locking it at the back of her mind, not fully healing

an open wound covered with plaster, still bleeding


and then it resurfaced, hurt as fresh as ever, when she heard of anther’s innocence taken

ooh God! this pain yet again she screamed, clawing at her skin to stop the pain

as she finally told God to take the pain

and then HE let her see it, why it had happened, why to her

it wasn’t what she did or how she acted or her fault, it was the creep’s

and then His light showed her a way out

letting her see she could get past it

just as He was bruised, for her to heal through it

she could see the beauty now, in her scares

to help those victims through their hurt

she was beautiful and loved regardless

overcoming the lies that kept her in hate.


This is to every boy, or girl, who has had their innocence taken, who has been defenseless, to every  man or women who has had life knock them senseless, who has had the devil feed them with lies, has had life treat them with contempt. This is to every silent cry in the middle of the night, to every chocked cry for help. Christ is the one that makes you feel better and gives you peace, let Him in to set you free.

just let HIM in to love and soothe you like it was meant to always be.

Stay Beautiful Always….







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