we met on a cold dark night, crowded but there he was

we got along instantly and so it was

a friendship i prayed for, nothing else seemed to matter

At least he made me forget it all…


3days and a night and that was all we needed

endless walks in the cold dark night never seemed to matter

talking all through the night. we could be at it forever

time seemed to stop, but its stillness wasn’t enough.



we met on a cold dark night, two hearts as cold as winter

two hearts scarred, with nothing to hope for

two hearts seeking solace in the comfort of each other’s  embrace

two hearts seeking true friendship


we met on a cold dark night and there he was..grinning, as i blushed at his gap tooth

he warned stay back! my heart beats for another

and there i was already lost in the fantasy, ears deaf

he offered true friendship on the table and i laid my heart for the feast


we met on a cold dark night, crowded but there he was

he hurt me bad, like i never have before

i betrayed our friendship by forgetting my heart on the table

he couldn’t take mine and hand over his

he had warned, his heart beats for another


he tried to stay true but i couldn’t stay put

i needed to betray this friendship

for i got lost, stuck in this fantasy, he sure was the best i ever experienced

the way he treated me and the way i saw myself in his crazy fun eyes, held me spell bound

so i let heart take over reason

i let emptiness take over friendship


i left on a cold dark night, i couldn’t breath and he couldn’t help either

he couldn’t help me breath, offer what i needed or stop the pain that seemed to cut through my heart

so i took my bags and headed out


he stretched out his hand to help through it

we both knew i needed time off this true friendship

i couldn’t love and be friends with him

his heart beats for another, it would kill me slowly but surely

so with tears and pain, i told him so long at least for now


i miss him, i don’t know if he misses me too

i love him, never loved another like this too

but…., his heart beats for another

i don’t hate him, i never will. i have gotten to understand

there shall be an even greater love


he said just stay, this is crazy but we both know my heart cant beat for two

i feel cold just like the cold night we met

i do hope we get our friendship back soon

a greater love needs to find me warm again

so i am here, i stayed away but not for long, but i have walked away, walls over my emotions.

so, we met on a cold dark night and time seemed to stop for me at leastHEARTBEAT

one thing i am certain of…He was honest..at least i think he was






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