The secret tears flows down effortlessly

Running down my cheeks like heavy rain drops seamlessly

Its drops though warm an evidence of the pain within for long

I wonder and ponder as the tears flow down uncontrollable

You see I come from a place and time where tears are weakness

Don’t let them see your tears! They all scream in their meanness

Even as my hands pressed against my chest supporting my heart from bursting through my vest, looking up for one to see my tears

But they just walk by, too engrossed not caring if I die

He would say, tears are evidence of weakness making you look lily-livered, Lily livered he would say.

And she would say, tears’ shut them down! No one really cares! Shut them down!

So hands over my face, heart feeling ablaze, I hide my wiping eyes filled with tears that would gush out like a heavy down pour.


I come from a place and time where we hide our tears, while masking our pain with well plastered smiles that never reaches our eyes


We have been told, suck it up! Just keep silent

Don’t nag, don’t snag we all have our troubles

So the mother who is unable to feed her kids cries out, cries out, the world not caring if they fade out

And in the dark of the cold harmattan night her plights too heavy for her might as the tears surge out like an Ebola break out

Contaminating her cheeks with its virus, her clothes soaked! soaked, each drop telling the stories of her heart hoping no one sees her plight..Not to be tagged spineless


The father working six to nine, he works six to nine, even all through the night, head bows down in pain, Kids thrown out of school, hunger pangs a reminder of their skeletal frame.

Overwhelmed he exclaims in anguish as he falls down, knees grazing the ground, he has no clue, not knowing what to do

So his eyes  burn from the hot tears running  a marathon down his cheeks, covering his face hoping no one sees…spineless bone they would say.


Jane is 18 eager to dream the dreams and live the life

A mistake sends her world crumbling, gasping for breath as the tears gather ready to burst out,

Eyes follow her like a creepy stalker as she walks down the isle of the supermarket…while her heart screams help!!! Help!! Help!

Denial and accusing fingers fly in the air as father of the baby Denys he wants no heirs

She weeps in her closet, staring at her Protruded abdomen that men now scorn a reminder of the pain that has come

…head held high they shouldn’t see her tears…they would call her Jane the spineless


I come from a place and time where we hide our tears, we mask our pain to avoid disdain

so guess what! We have learnt to bury our faces in our pillows soaking its softness with our wet cheeks making the pillows damp and hollow

We have learnt to drive in the moonless night letting the tears have its way, alone in the darkness

We have learnt to walk in the darkness of the badly lit streets, even as we sit alone with our thoughts…letting them flow freely…but secretly

So I beg you today, that there might be no more delay , so let these words echo in our hearts, reminding us to help someone always..



Stay Beautiful Always…….


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