Dear lie…

I thought to check on you today

To boast in your face, of how you lost the relay

To showcase my beauty, your lies sort to delay


I chose to tell you today that I am doing okay


I chose to tell you today that I am doing great

You tried your best but it wasn’t enough for the test

I didn’t jump down the building

I didn’t slit my wrist to keep bleeding

I didn’t do as you pleased to get me kneeling


Dear Lie….,

I thought to check on you today

To parade myself in your face, letting you see my Grace

To see you turn red in rage, your defeat making you outraged.

So, no more struggling to embrace those lies you sold so cheap

No more letting you put my essence to sleep

No more weeping from pain your lies let in to cause me shame

NO More! No  more of your Lies..


You would wake me up, wake me up, in the middle of the night

Ungodly hours when men were praying or snoring into the night.

You would sneak into my thoughts and grin as you whispered your lies to my heart.

You would feed me with illusions of the truth making me believe they were true.


Dear lie..,

I thought to write you today.

To tell you, you failed.

Your pressures all in vain.

Your efforts down the drain.

I fought through all the pain.

Not letting you take the gain.


How could you think to manipulate the one HE breathed to life?

The one HE saved with His Life

And loved with His Heart

Dear, dear Lie, you have failed to fulfill your lie


I smile in satisfaction as I see you scurry into the corner, wearing your defeat like a cloak to cover your tiny little frame.

With a Smirk on my lips I see you run, tails between your legs fleeing in utter disbelief caught in your game.


Dear lie…,

I write you today, to let you know they were never the truth…just silly old illusions

Your ploy too old to mislead.

As you see, the truth is out!

It came like a blazing light upon my heart making the darkness of lie fizzle out

As I write you, a knowing smile on my face, I know you see what I see too. The Truth!



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