A year filled with promise and hope
hope we hold unto ..deeply
Goals for the year lined up evenly
Careful to follow them through…

All jittered up, grinning from ear to ear
Set to run the race of this New Year
Writing them all out
Reciting them out load
You are sure to stick to them

Belts are fastened tight
Diets are laid out strict
Shoe lace are knotted
No distractions, no tripping over

Less than half way down the track
You stop in your tracks
Deeply gasping for breathe
Hunger pangs set in
Shoes too tight, belts piercing the holes hunger pangs made

Feeling faint, holding your head to stop the spinning
Realizing the only thing on your list missing….
was the One who gives strength like no other
Preparedness is being unprepared without Him
We can’t faint; we can’t burn out with Him leading……

Letting Jesus guide your 2017 goals is key. Do not set goals because it’s the norm at the beginning of every year, you might as well not bother.
It’s a wonder how we start every year energized, determined, focused, bent on making things work but barely half way into the year we start struggling and very many of us burn out totally. I believe most times we feel these goals can be achieved with our strength especially the not so spiritual goals, we forget that God is interested in every aspect of our lives and only with him do we find ease and do things get better.

If you have genuinely set goals for 2017, because you want to grow and develop yourself, then let Jesus help. All you need is a simple prayer “Lord Let my goals align with your goals for my life this year and give me strength to achieve every one of these goals so as not to faint”
This is my confession throughout 2017, feel free to make it yours…


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