Standing far of at the mountain top
Taking a deep breath, taking it all in
Wide eyed and mystified at the beauty
A beauty from one so beautiful

Working hard to partake in this beauty
The beauty that takes breaths away
The glimpse we have blows minds away
An assurance of beauty to be hold.. uncomprehending

The view we see though will pass away, shows the work of an expert
The work within us,that which we perceive, an evidence of a master piece
The master of beauty, the master of perfection, making all whole
You do not hide your talents from us

your beauty is always present, always whole
In worship, in prayer, in meditation, in all your beauty transcends
In the Birth of a child, in the miracles, leaving us hungry for more of
That beauty that makes us in awe of you

Imaginations run wild as to what it will be like to meet the master of beauty
we cant help but quiver at the thought of such awesomeness
we just know it. It is certain…
You just cant help but be beautiful



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