So, there is this theory that a child tends to tilt to the parent who gives him/her the most attention, love and care…. Is this true?..

My own theory is that a Father is a very important parent to a child and how the father trains his child has a way of having a  lasting effect on this child, sometimes spiritually….

How do i mean? A child is told that God is his father and loves him/her very much but this child finds it difficult to believe because the example of father he/she sees and interacts with everyday is the exact opposite of what he/she hears about God and just sees a father as the model at home…..

Believe me or not my relationship with God got easier and better because of how my dad brought me up… (My sis and I were the apple of his eyes and we knew it) and this helped me believe the scripture ‘we are the apple of God’s eyes’ instantly… My Dad had my time, he played silly childish games with me, I was allowed to argue with him without the fear of ‘African Culture’, I was allowed to coax and bribe him, I was allowed to express myself without the fear of being shut down, i was allowed to show my failures and weakness because i know he would protect me and give me a reason to believe that i can do it, I was given money without waiting for me to beg or lie for it, if he saw anything on anyone that was good, he got it for his child, I was allowed to tell him about my friends because he thanked them for being my friends, I knew that him flogging me was because i was really wrong… i could go on n on…. In all these things, instead of feeling pampered, i respected him, i admired him, i hate to hurt him or do something to make him feel bad, i hoped to marry someone with his heart, i fell in love with him not only cos he was my dad but because he earned it….

Anytime i came to God, i had the picture of my Dad in my head… I imagine Him responding the way my Dad did and by God, twas easy for him to believe everything that God is/was, it helped me to understand what having a loving heavenly father meant, you need to hear my prayers sometimes, you will think i can see Him… I do things for God and obey His commands not necessarily to prove my piety but cos I’m  in love with him just like my Dad… I’m matured now and i understand way better the person of God….

The bane of this writeup is to show you to have the spirituality of your child in mind when training him/her as your examples will go a longer way than the Sunday school lessons will….

Jesus loved you even before you loved him and guess what, He still does….

#The Psychology
#First showed before being learned….

By..Peace Odili


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