mothers day 2

Embodied in you is life, a gift bestowed by the Father
A true reflection of him, him who is pure and true
So beautiful, is the gift of love insink in you,
Which no other posses, making you unique

You can’t help but, create, protect, inspire, nurture
For indeed it is in your nature.
You have held nations in your hands
Those hands, hands that have no pairs,
Hands with special purpose
No man can deny

Your accommodating spirit, your relentless faith
Ever so inspiring, all so endearing.
Even when we curse, push away and go astray
You keep loving and chasing all the way,

The five letter words that get emotions steering
For nine month with aches all over
Yet you let me live in you
For nine months with a bended back
Yet you cheered me on eager to see me com forth

Even in labor you screamed at every one
But never me, even though I caused the pain.
Even in the blackness of labor pain.
Your love for me kept pressing you to push further

I would cry tirelessly
And you would come running eagerly
Eyes heavy with bags that seem to take a liking to your face,
Aching back that carried me all day and night
You just wouldn’t let go even for night

So I grew from infancy to a little girl,
And you took pains to teach me virtue,
I watched as life issues came as torture
But you stayed strong all for me.

You could have broken down
Given up and let go,
But you knew the moment you conceived me
Your life seized to be yours

You taught me so well,
To love God and love people
Even through adversity
Told me never to relent in faith

All grown up and I look back
And I see I have become a reflection of you
Facing life head on, because all you do is cheer me on
Dear dear mother irreplaceable is what you are

I think of you and tears gather in my eyes
Just as the clouds gather just before it pours
You are an epitome of mother hood
And I tell you God nods in approval.




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