Choose Your Battles


A few weeks ago, i was opportuned to visit the Area Command Division of the Police Station in my state in Nigeria and this occurred to me….

A saying goes thus: “Choose your Battles wisely, Peace is better than being right…”
Another says:
“A child who doesn’t have food to eat will not ask his mother for a spoon when he finds food…”

I was waiting on the balcony for my client’s petitioner to show up at the station.. All of a sudden I heard this argument between a very well dressed man and a police officer, I immediately turned my attention towards the gate where the voices came from and to my utmost surprise I saw two policemen holding the guy, one by his belt and the other by his collar. The officer holding the by the collar was shouting, ‘I say go inside’ and in my mind I was like “This man don enter today”….

Galatians 5:22 states thus:
But the fruits of the Holy Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,goodness,faithfulness, humility and self control….

As the noise got louder, other Police officers, more on mufti ran towards the gate, the man was trying to explain what happened whilst cursing at those who cursed at him and my mind was like “shut up jo, instead of you to be begging, you still get mouth… Even if you are right, na Police station you dey, officers go support themselves and ‘kobalize’ you… ”

Galatians 5:19 states thus:
What human nature does is quite plain, it shows itself in immoral, filthy and indecent actions, in worship of Idols and witchcraft, people become enemies and they fight, they become jealous, angry and ambitious, envious, get drunk and have orgies and do other things like these….

He (the well dressed gentleman) was brought in, only to realize that he cut the buttons of one police officer and the badge of the other one and I started to think he wasn’t a gentleman afterall whilst my mind kept singing “with all these packaging.. See fine chinos and T.M shirt and correct all stars, you dey fight Police officer for inside station… Who be you? ”
My colleague just kept shaking his head.. (Sorry I did not mention earlier that I wasn’t there alone)…
Eventually, he was brought upstairs to the ‘Oga’s’ office and with his nice accent he was explaining himself and I whispered to my colleague “See ajebo o,e don forget say na Naija e dey”

Always remember to behave like a roman when in Rome and be sure to know them well before you show your true colour….

Not to bore you any further, what happened was that he came with a tinted Hyundai jeep and the police officer tried to stop him by telling him to park and submit his key… Y’all have an idea of how Nigerian police officers can be, some are uncouth and uncultured but we learn to respect their uniform and be civilized..
He started arguing with the officer and another came to intervene that caused the assault and he started causing the officers and exchanged words not meant for children… That’s how they dragged him in o.. Even as he was explaining to Oga.. He was shouting, if any one calls him an idiot, he would reply with two extra curses and I kept telling myself that this man doesn’t know what he had entered.. To cut the story short, Area commandant arrived and he was indicted for assault of a police officer while carrying on his duty and obstruction of lawful checking as we all know that tinted glass isn’t allowed without a permit… He was arrested, locked up and his car was impounded and believe you me, he became humble by force… All of these would have been avoided if he only pleaded and was not all smart mouthed….

Choose your battles wisely, peace is better than being right….

#God help us
#Right living
#Peace of mind
#God bless you…

…by Peace Odili..


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  1. we often decide to stay with someone who is not what we want or decide.we hope and pray that they would change while still holding on to them so tight, it becomes hard for them to move. If change will ever happen, you have to let go.


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