Getting your selfcontrol back..


Self-control is the ability to control one’s emotions , behavior, and desires in the face of
external demands, to function in society.

A person without self-control is like a city
with broken-down walls. Proverbs 25:28(NLT



The very concept of “self-control” implies a battle between a divided self. It implies that
our “self” produces desires we should not satisfy but instead “control.” We should “deny
ourselves” and “take up our cross daily…..

You know most of the time when things don’t go according to plan or we find ourselves still at the place we once were years ago, we tend to attribute these set backs or situations to unknown forces. Like people will say esp in naija “its from the village”. Why don’t we just let these village people and so called unknown forces be for once and really take a look at ourselves.
Its a 70% chance that we are our  own problem. We sometimes know what to do but fail to do it.

Imagine having a goal to lets say lose 5pounds b4 the end of September. I am almost sure that when we decide to make such a commitment, there is excitement, we are eager to start working out. The truth is that how far are we willing to go, how strict are we willing to go in our food intake.
A funny thing I did some weeks back, so I ve been trying to train my body for when I get pregnant, like getting used to eating veggies, black plantain, fruits, lean meat etc..I also decided to take it further by exercising.  I just couldn’t (the exercise part though), I would come up with one flimsy excuse or the other. But last week I made up my mind dt I would start my early morning aerobics and jogs…I lasted only two days know when they say nothing good comes easy, so is having a good body. I started feeling body aches,  this was where I needed to access my will power and understand the fact that soon my body will get used to it. But my laziness overpowered my will power. when am bored I some times tune into lifestyle channel on dstv, and they were showing people who were obese and at the risk of losing their lives. At that point I thought to myself, didnt these people notice they where getting this big, how could they let themselves get to this stage?  This I believe is where self control comes in to play. what ever reasons these people had for eating so much be it emotional etc the truth is that if you dont take control of these emotions,  you might as well be a danger to your self .


I also understand the fact that rest is necessary,  we need sleep to feel refreshed and live a healthy life. But I believe it gets to a point where sleep could be detrimental to our growth in which ever area you want to look at it.
I used to be a sleeper mehn, I could sleep standing any position any how I would sleep. I got to a point in my life where I knew I needed to train myself, as much as I knew I needed sleep,but I knew I didnt have to sleep for ,7,  8 hours  to be healthy. . The truth is that when you have a goal and vision 6 hours sleep will be more than enough.  Of recent I have been training my self to wakeup by 4am, regardless of when I sleep,  it isnt easy really but it has to do with making a decision and judicially sticking to it. This is where self control comes into play, the flesh wants to do what it wants but the truth is that letting the flesh have its way is usually never the best.
It might seem hard, inshort very hard to get over that addiction,  or habit or whatever it might be. But the truth is it’s indeed hard but very possible.  I believe the first step in getting your self control back is to firstly acknowledge the fact that there is indeed a problem.
I got to a point where I had to put my emotions in check, I could be really emotional and one day I stumbled across what two of my friends wrote about me though the words they used really hurt me but I know they were right and before then I never really saw it as something I needed to put a check on and would just say thats how God made me. But ever since I read that message I had to take myself to a quiet place, analyze why they said what they did and from then I was able to see what the problem was. I needed to have more control over my emotions.
Secondly I realized it wasnt something I could do on my own, I had to seek my Father’s help.
I won’t say I have gotten to where I want to be in relation to putting my emotions in check but I sure know that with God’s help am definitely not where I used to be. I can feel myself changing, reacting differently, gradually taking control.
That addiction to whatever habit can be put under control,be it pornography, alcohol, junk, tv etc..just know that anything that doesn’t add to making a better you doesnt need to stay and can be put under control. The question is how desperate are you to change? How far are you willing to go? How possible do you believe you can take your self control back. Answering these questions will be the first step in taking your self control back or not.
Remember even from Adam and Eve God gave man the ability to make his own choices, which is will power.
So if you are thinking God will make the decision of taking ur self control back in watever area you must be joking, of course He wants you to get your act together but He will not force His will on you. You have to make the decision and step on your own, He only steps in, in the area of strength and Grace to help you overcome.



Things to note………
1, People with self-control master their moods .
They do not let their moods master them.
2, People with self-control watch their words. A careless talker destroys
himself.” (Proverbs 13:3, TEV)
3, People with self-control restrain their
Reactions. When someone wrongs
you, it is a great virtue to ignore
it.” (Proverbs 19:11, TEV)
5, People with self-control manage their money
Remember self control is all about exercising faith in
Christ’s superior power and pleasure.
The truth is you can never truly achieve self control without the help of the holy Spirit, for it is one of His fruits.
Take control of who and what you become today. Don’t let your emotions desires, passions make that decision for you. I tell you it will be most rewarding. .



Have a fruitful day lovelies.. and Stay Beautiful Always…….


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