It was a beautiful Monday morning, the skies were blue and clear, the atmosphere was very serene and beautiful… I had to go back home from my sister’s place. I got to where I would normally enter a cab but there was none so I had to walk a little further. Eventually I got a cab, there were already four guys at the back including the driver but the front seat was empty. With all relief and happiness I hopped into the front seat and happily belted up.. My ears plugged and my heart grateful we set on the short route to my house… Suddenly a funny thought occurred to me which made me smile sweetly, my eyes darted to the side mirror and I noticed movements with the guys at the back… Alertness crept into me that second and I realized that I just suddenly started laughing while I prayed deeply in my spirit. In a split second a rope was tied around my neck and I used my fingers to drag the rope so I don’t choke immediately but kept laughing…

Don’t be deceived, you don’t want to be in my position, it seems pretty easy now but it was one of the worst days of my life.. I could not think straight all I could do was to pray and to laugh(the laugh became uncontrollable)…

One of the guys at the back then said, “Driver, this one wey this girl dey laugh like this you sure say she no be witch so? Abeg park make we drop am, we go catch another girl”
This continued for a while but the driver refused which made one of the guys drag the steering with the driver…  The car swerved from left to right and eventually landed in a wide gutter by the side of the road with my side of the car hitting the ground , while all these happened, I did not stop laughing or praying… People gathered and they brought me out… I was soaked in blood, water was used to rinse the blood off my body but there was no single scratch and to ice the cake, the five guys were dead… A testimony by Lamai Queen (Abuja)..


Now, was that God or nemesis.. I bet you already have your opinion.. I read somewhere that nemesis is a well deserved punishment that cannot be avoided.. Scripture says in psalm 125:3″ the rod of the wicked shall not rest upon the lot of the righteous…”

I choose to believe that the above was God in action cos its not like it was her prayers or her laugh that saved her because who knows how many others they got that way but the love of God saved her… Sometimes, Nemesis might not catch a person in his/her lifetime but I would like to see this as the Grace of God at work..

I know you might think its both God and Nemesis, you could be right as nemesis too is usually a punishment for wrong doing and God doesn’t punish we just reap what we sow and have sown…
YES… You are right at whatever your assertion is but this write up is just to let you know that miracles still do happen, yours might be taking so long but wait for it.. Queen did not set out that day to be kidnapped and she definitely did not pray to enter the wrong cab but God in His love saved her, sometimes your miracles might be what you did not even pray for, just trust God to do that which He will at the time He sees best…

Everyone thought I was mad as I kept laughing but only me knew what God has done for me..(rest of the story).. Live your life with gratitude cos what you get/got today, tomorrow or next is what someone somewhere is desperately crying for….
#His love endures forever


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