Psalm 24…
Every single thing that exists was created by God.
We belong to Him.  All things were created for Him, by Him and through Him

He gave the wisdom for all things men are creating now.
We were made for His pleasure. If He created  you as  male or  female then that’s who he thinks is the perfect you… He is pleased that way so we should be too.. In  verse 4, He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully.
Now What does it mean to be vain? It means, otiose, idle, empty, hollow mean being without
worth or significance . vain implies either
absolute or relative absence of value .
Sometimes, I see this as boredom… If life is hard and you have to think about what to eat and everything is really tough.. There wont be time to sit down and start thinking of stupid things. Dont get me wrong there are still many people who have it easy and are doing constructive deeds with their lives.
At the moment..  I’m seeing this episode of them Kardashians Bruce Jenner telling his family that he would be going through transition meaning he is changing his gender and everyone was just in tears and blaming and explaining and these just came to mind;
If Bruce wasn’t so rich and successful and not knowing what to do with money the devil won’t suggest to Him to change but then again to strike a balance here you dont have to be rich before the devil strikes. He just needs to see a vacum which I believe he saw in Bruce.
How can you feel trapped in your own body?.. Its more like saying the Lord did not think that He would be best as a man. He won lots of awards as an athlete.He was the best Dad his kids had from their testimony… Why would the devil just turn that all up?

Its easy to say.. I have clean hands, I have pure heart and so I’m a Christian but I beg us to answer these questions.. What are our fantasies? What would be the next thing on our minds if we wake up tomorrow to see that we are the richest persons on earth? please don’t say charity because if our souls are not free from vanity and worldly lust or from listening to the suggestions of the devil, no matter the good things we try to do because we are Christians, that longing will find a way to express itself….

It’s gonna be harder to stay sane. With all the riches If our roots are not DEEP in Him. No matter how we try to be good and stay a Christian, The devil will come to test that deepness. The devil is smart, extremely intelligent and also wise, For crying out loud he is the master mind of the wisdom of the world. One of Bruce’s son-in-law said “you are actually living two lifes in one lifetime” I’m going to interpret this as the life that was written for him from heaven and the one that was suggested to him to be the better one… One of the children said she once saw him dressed up as a woman all made up  Then I said so what.. I’ve dressed all up as a guy before.. I used to be a tom-boy early secondary school days but I’ve never thought of wanting to actually change my body parts… Plus where the money dey sef even if I thought of it…

Now please don’t jump on me with I’m judging him. I’m not. I’m trying to explain verse 4 using this scenario…  James said we are tempted by the desires of our heart. He admired being a woman.. He settled into that suggestion and even after soooo maaannnnyyyyy years. He eventually acted it out. Do not think that that wrong desire or thought we’ve had is gone… If we dont deal with it and pray it out.. It might come up again after 50 years. The devil doesn’t get tired you know…. his job was once to worship God. And he did it well dong think he will get tired of testing and poking and trying you.. We have to renew our hearts everyday and resist him everyday and get ourselves rooted in God everyday…
The world is getting crazier and more twisted by the day.. People living out wrong fantansies and developing wrong cravings… All fulfilling scriptures about the end time… The King of Glory is gonna be back and its going to be EPPPPIIIICCCCCC… Every single thing will be ruled by Him.. If our roots are not deep in Him and we don’t allow His very sweet and deep love to transform us we are going to wake up one morning and want to change every thing and think we are not loved enough or try to live out one crazy hubby…

Sometimes, I do think that God hasn’t blessed some of us that deeply because He knows what having looooooooootttttttttttssssssssss of money will do to us… Some of us are humble now because  we just have enough to do all the basic things and do necessary things… The truth is , if we dont get this blessing right.. We are going to turn it all around and use it the wrong way..

The Blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow.. If that blessing is making you fall into sin.. Watch it.. The devil is around the corner.. If that blessing is exhuming wrong fantancies in the name of exciting and adventure, watch it, the devil is around the corner… The devil won’t come in a signboard you know.. Cos you would easily detect.. He will come sweetly.. Nicely and telling you how youz gonna go viral on instagram and facebook and all the stupid nice stuffs.. If our hearts are not trained and rooted in and by Him… It is only matter of time… If Eve did not fall in the Garden.. She would have fallen later….

Train you in His word.. His presence is life.. Prayer shouldn’t be a chore but a joy.. Worship should be our lifestyle not an occasion we attend only in church… Read deep spiritual books that will open minds to the awesomeness of God and even if we read any other thing, let’s read it with the mind of wanting to know the right thing from it because the Lord speaks in DIFFERENT WAYS. We shouldn’t reduce Him to a set of principles just like he spoke to me through Bruce’s story…


Thanks Lord for speaking to us… Help us to focus on you always.. Not on our ambitions, our dreams and goals but on you.. And help us to keep transforming into you as we behold you and to grow from one level of perfection to another.. All in you, for you, by you and through you.. Amen!!
….written by Peace Odili..


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  1. yeah..even the bible says God has given us all Grace that provides All sufficiency, in all things at all times for every good work. emphases on sufficiency and every good work. i believe the sufficiency GOD has given us in any and every aspect of our life is for one purpose only and that is ‘good works”. Any thing that will better humanity and bring people to Christ….


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