The kids were alone in the house; they quietly snuck into their room immediately their mother stepped out to the market. They sure didn’t want to cross their father’s path. Alone in the room Ruth and Rachael quietly play a game. About thirty minutes later, Ruth thought she heard a shout, but their father was sleeping and they were just three in the house. She decided to ignore but suddenly she began to hear her father’s voice, he was shouting and calling her younger sisters name Rachael. Rachael ran out of the room to answer him as she could already hear the anger in his voice. Just as she got to the door her dad was already there, he seemed furious; Rachael could sense she was in trouble. What is wrong with you, didn’t you hear me calling yYOU her dad shouted.  Already shaking; Rachael explained that she had been in the room with Ruth and they did not hear him call. Immediately, her dad raised his hand and gave her a slap, the impact made Rachael fall to the floor, and this got Ruth’s attention who had been quietly listening in the room. Ruth immediately ran to her sisters rescue and began to beg her dad and explain to him that they had indeed not heard him call, as he was about to hit Rachael again. Seeing her opportunity Rachael quickly ran and locked herself in the nearby room, while her dad chased after her but he wasn’t fast enough. Still furious their dad decided to divert his anger to Ruth who had made Rachael escape, he saw an umbrella nearby and picked it and began to hit Ruth, repeatedly with the umbrella, at the point where she could not stand the pain, she stood up and ran out of the house. With tears in her eyes, filled with fear, she opened the gate and fled not seeing the up coming truck. The screeching of tires and a loud crash got every ones attention in the area. Ruth layed on the tarred ground bleeding from her head, nose, in short the blood seemed to be everywhere. The last thought her dad had before he passed out was how still and lifeless his daughter’s body looked. image


If I might add, Ruth was only 13 years old. She wanted to be just like her mum, a Lawyer. She wanted to someday get married and have three children. She wanted to be an activist. She had big dreams.

Nkem is now 35, a business woman and very successful at that. People wonder why she is still single. She has it all, the looks just name it. Nkem got home late after a hard days work, as she lays in bed ready to sleep her mind begins to roam.she knew she was lonely, she knew despite her wealth she still wasn’t happy. She wanted some one to share her life with. Growing up had been messed up for her. From the early age of 3 her father had already started molestiimage

ng her.

As she thought of this she could still feel his cold big hands down her little thigh, this sent shivers down her spine. He would use things she liked to lure her, or when her mum was asleep or out he would sneak into her room. She remembered, at the age of 9 she began to realise what was happening was wrong, in school it was said, every where she went she was made aware that this shouldnt be happening. But how could she have spoken up, her mom would be shattered, she wasnt a strong woman, she wouldn’t have been able to handle such a thing. Asides that she was frightened of her dad, he had threatend to kill her nd her mum if words ever got out.
She lived in d shadows, scared of boys, scared of men. Sometimes she even perceived her mom was aware of the abuse but was too frightened and weak to do anything so she just pretended not to know.
It was when she turned 15. She remembered that day so clearly. .she had been so sick and her dad had to take her to the family doctor, who told them she was pregnant. She immediately felt her head spin, how could she be pregnant for her father. This was a nightmare! A week later her father made her have an abortion. She had 3more abortions before she ran from home at the age of 20. The thought of a man touching her made her made her skin crawl. She had lost everything. Her Hope, her smile, her dreams, her womb. her father had taken all these from her and left her empty while her mother sat and did nothing.
She could never have children of her own, she could never trust anyman again let alone let one into image

her life. She was scarred for life

Angela got married to Joshua very earlier. He was her first love. They met in secondary school and immediately they knew it was meant to be.
They went to the University together and after their Nysc, Joshua got a good job in an oil company, while she worked in a small law firm as an associate lawyer. She was 23 and Joshua was 25 when they got married. family and friends weren’t keen on their union and felt they were too young but they were inlove and nothing else mattered to them.
Something Angela noticed while they were dating was joshua’s quick temper and she never really liked the way he spoke to his parents but she always shoved it off. She was his world, and he was madly inlove with her, he would never hurt her or so she thought.
Six months into the marriage and things had began to go wrong. She was five months pregnant now and it seemed like since she took in joshua couldnt stand the sight of her. He would insult her for no just reason, he was always finding faults no matter how hard she tried. It was a late Saturday night and as usual he was late.she looked at the wall clock and it was 12:30am, she tried his line but it was switched off. A thud on d door woke her up, she had slept off on d coach, checking the clock she saw it was 1:30. She went and opened the door. Immediately she did, Joshua pushed her, the action settled her and she fell to the floor. Where have you been, stupid! I Have been knocking for so long. Before she could reply another slap landed on her face . She was in tears now, begging pleading while she tried to protect her stomach. Joshua kept hiting and hiting her, she eventually mustered some strength and pushed him and ran into the guest image

Room and locked the door.

Five years later with two kids, one would think Things were better, that Joshua had changed, atleast because of the kids. But he was much worse. She was numb now. Nothing rili mattered anymore, not the beating, not the cheating, nothing. She had lost her job because she couldn’t keep up. All she had and cared about was her children. He had threatened take the kids away if she ever ran away. He had over the years alienated her from her family

She had more sunglasses than shoes, they have over time become her fashion statement. If only most people knew what the sunglasses covered. There were scares that seemed like maps all over her body. She felt wasted, her spirit shattered, frightened, her self esteem gone with the wind, she felt ugly. She has been scarred for life

The stores are endless of how people have been butally abused by both loved ones and strangers.
Just this morning while I was preparing for work, I was listening to the news and I heard another disheartening story of a one and a half year old girl who had been molested by her neighbor. Her mother who was busy in front of the house tryn to put food on the table by doing some petty trading, left her daughter in the house. The neighbor called out to the daughter and sent her to get something for him. While she was on her way he ambushed her and molested her.
The mother came to know about this when the little girl wanted to use the toilet and she started crying due to the pain from the bruises. Upon investigation they found out it was the neighbor. Reports stated that the neighbor broke the girls hymen.
My question is what could be psychologically wrong with this peoplp?
How can one ever want to hurt these precious gifts
Be it physical or sexual abuse, why would any one want to beat up a child or get sexual gratification from molesting a child.
Staistics shows that every 10 seconds a child is being abused now that is just alarming. Many of us feel abuse of a child is restricted to physical beating and sexual molestation but the truth is that any time a child is subjected to a way that prevents him from enjoying his or her childhood now that is abuse. Subjecting a child to manual Labour, bullying, insults, subjecting the child to find ways to make ends meet or assist the family now thats abuse. Children are to be heard and not abused. They should be loved, cared for, protected.
I know people will say some men do get abused too and I am not disputing that fact but you will agree with me that women and children are majorly the victims of abuse.
We’ve got to speak up and fight against any form of abuse against our women and children.
What sane man will raise his hands to hit a women. Many use the excuse of how women can be loudmouthed and provoking, oh but thats still not an excuse. It only shows that such men feel masculine when they pry on the weak because what other reason will a man beat up a woman that is no match for him. Yes She has a loud mouth find other ways to make her see that but never raise your hand on a woman. She talks too much is not an excuse.
Women and children are Gods gift they are not to be treated like animals and they shouldn’t be scarred.



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  1. Women and children are to be cherished n protected,its rather unfortunate that u find these days rampant abuse of women n most especially children.God help us and protect his own so we n our loved ones dont fall victim.

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  2. Very touching n bold a fast decreasing quality bcos every1 now takes on d phrase of ‘its normal’we shud tow d line of d bible which admonishes us not b tossed around


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