Written by …Peace Odili.


Ok….. so I saw the movies Divergent and
Insurgent and I have this to say….P.S: it’s just
my opinion though… Please try not to be a critic
and get the message…. My theory is more from
Insurgent than Divergent…
My own version of the cast; Jeanine- The Devil..
Trish Prier- Us Christians.. Four- The bedrock of
our existence, Love.. The Founders- God.. Trish’
Mum- The Holy Spirit.. Peter- Our weaknesses,
hurts and pains… Eric- Betrayal.. Trish’ image
of herself in the last experiment of Insurgent-
The Flesh
Trish Prier (she looked weak, naïve and just
there at the beginning (in divergent), had to
overcome every challenge and obstacle that came
her way to fulfill her purpose of overcoming
Jeanine only to discover that the Founders
created her and others like her (divergents) as
experiments to transcend the four factions to
restore humanity and she did fulfill it…. As
Christians, we are strangers on this earth, we
are not experiments though but we are here to
fulfill purpose, it doesn’t matter our
peculiarities, weirdness and traits, it’s all part
of the plan. We have to overcome every challenge
and obstacle the devil throws at us because it will
only make us stronger as it did Trish till we
eventually become what we were created to be…
Trish’ Mum was her driving force, she wanted to
avenge her mum’s death by killing Jeanine, this
made her not stop trying… through the hardest
ways, through the impossible ways whenever she
remembered her mum, she just wont give up nor
give in…. her Mum was there to encourage her,
to guide her and tell her she was brave and
beautiful and never doubt herself…. Even
through the mind games, she listened to her mum
whenever she saw her…..this is what the Holy
Spirit should be to us.. He is present with us
always… to comfort us, to encourage us, to
guide and strengthen us, all we need to do is to
listen to Him and yield to Him.. Trish fulfilled
purpose with the help of her mum, though she
wasn’t physically present, the Holy Spirit is there
to help us to fulfill purpose…
Peter and Eric were those that betrayed her
taunted her of being the failure they thought she
was and how her parents death is her fault, they
just kept pointing out the wrong things about
her but in the end Peter was one of those who
helped her fulfill purpose……. All things work
together for good to them that love God and are
called to His purpose… We will be betrayed on
this journey, there will be hurts and pains but
it’s all part of the plan to get us to where we
should be as it will turn around for our good….
Four loved Trish so much, he was ready to give
up his life protecting her… She thrived on love,
remembering he was there made her willing to try
her best.. She did not however forget what she
was set to do whilst loving him… God loves us
and gave up His son for us, its the bedrock of our
existence, to reconcile us back to Him.. What we
do with our lives is our gift to God… All we have
to do is believe…
The one thing we all have to overcome is
ourselves which I’ll mean to represent our minds
and the flesh…. Trish in the last experiment in
Insurgent had to overcome herself, the resolve
that all is not real and that she wont let what
people think she is overcome what/who she really
is was the straw that broke the camel’s back…
This is just a reminder to us all that we are on
earth to fulfill purpose and we should not let
whatever happened or happens to us, what people
said, say or will say or the mistakes we’ve made,
make us forget what we are on earth to be and to do…o



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