So here I  am lying in bed, thinking of what to write and the word gift came to mind.

so am going to talk about that special gift God has blessed me with. don’t get me wrong, God has blessed me with so many gifts even the ability to write is a gift but this particular gift I want to share with you guys, is so mind-blowing. I am sure you all have special gifts God has blessed you with that just took your breath away right?

the unique thing about this gift is that daily it gets more real, and you wont believe I haven’t physically touched this gift but daily it feels more real than my present job or even my laptop.

this gift though I haven’t physically touched it, i feel the bond already, I cherish it, i care about it, i respect it, i pray for its safety, its well being and most importantly am in love with it.

I hold on to this gift like my life depends on it because truly it does.

words of encouragement comes telling me to hold on to this gift but more often are the words of discouragement beckoning me to let go of this gift that seems to elude me

sometimes, just for few moments, i let my emotions get the better of me,thinking to my self maybe I should let go of this gift. but then almost immediately I call my self to order, this amazing gift am gonna hold on to it like a life line, God promised and gave me this gift and soon people will see it manifest.

I sense its beauty…I sense the joy it will bring, the satisfaction it will give me, the comfort it will offer, the support it will give, the care it will show and most importantly the love it will lavish…...

i just have a few questions for you guys. what is that gift that God has promised you that seems to be taking forever? how confident are you about that gift’s manifestation? how much longer are you willing to wait?

some thing my pastor Rev Sam Oye (founder and senior pastor of the Transforming Church(TTC) said about waiting, he gave an illustration about purchasing a car from maybe the united states or buying and paying for something online. you know that car or item you bought online is already yours all you need to do is wait for its arrival. This also applies to waiting on God for a gift He has promised, all you need to do is activate your confidence in that promise and you will receive your delivery. keep in mind your confidence determines the delivery of your gift.

….Remember to always Stay Beautiful…..



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