She had blue skin,
And so did he.
He kept it hid
And so did she.
They searched for blue
Their whole life through,
Then passed right by-
And never knew.
Shel Silverstein…

Ever wonder what became of that old classmate? Or that childhood friend? Remember growing up as kids, when we lived a carefree and easy life with no thought of tomorrow?
Where when you gave someone a compliment you actually meant it? Where when you fought with a friend minutes later or even seconds you were both building a sand house together?

You know, during a role play or movie, especially during the Shakespearian times or when acting a classical play. In one role the person would come
on stage wearing one costume and a mask
representing a certain
character. These masks were on short sticks and
were held in
front of the face. That same person might go off stage change
costumes, put on shoes, pick up a different mask,
change his or her voice and come back on stage as another person.
That is okay on stage. It is acceptable and expected in the
theater. However, when it becomes a life-style on the street, it becomes confusing, I believe this is one of the reasons people ask certain questions like; Why do  people act differently with different sets of people?

It’s amazing how things go so wrong with growing up you know. How as we grow daily, we begin to lose the meaning of friendship loyalty and love. How we become more resentful, vengeful and selfcentered.
How the sweet cute boy who lived down the road suddenly turned into a bully. How the little pretty girl who was once your best friend turned into something nasty.
At what point do we actually forget who we truely are?
How does growing up turn us into something ugly?
The little boy who enjoyed going to church with his dad so he could enjoy God’s presence and sing in the choir all of a sudden resents the only place he once found solace as a child all to prevent his friends from teasing him and calling him a church boy.

At what point in growing up did we begin to care about people’s opinion about us?
Questions questions,  they roam my mind.
Could it be that We unknowingly enact strategies and defenses
that leave us hanging back in the shadows rather than allowing our gifts to shine and in so doing We lose our way and forget who we are? Or maybe along the way we get so fixated on not being left out, about making it work, about making  things perfect that in doing so, we begin to make little compromises that we feel won’t matter and this eventually grow into bigger compromises that we gradually begin to lose bits of ourselves and we wakeup one day looking at the mirror having no clue whose reflection we see. We realise we have been living someone else’s life.we have been wearing a Mask!
I believe this is why, many no matter how much they’ve achieved they still can’t find happiness,they are  empty  and lonely because all wearing a mask does is, cause confusion and deception…(Romans 12:9-11)


We all wear masks, and the time
comes when we cannot remove
them without removing some of
our own skin.
André Berthiaume.
Be wise  take it off and be who you are..
You are more than enough..
You are Beautiful. .
Stay beautiful lovelies……


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