Kim tosses in bed scared to open her eyes, for she might just find out its already morning.
Hunted by the events of the past months.Trapped does not begin to explain how she feels. All she wishes is to hide in her room and wish all her problems away.

Reality sets in, when tracy her step younger sister bangs the door open. Kim heard tracy say in her usual condescending tone “you have to get up and clean the house Kim, its almost 9am for God sake”.
Kim chose to ignore her sister, she really did not have the strength for a fight today and she felt a bit sick too.

Thinking about it,  Kim really did not blame her over pampered step sister, as she was only being what she was taught to be. Most times she even pitied the little girl.

Reluctantly kim drags herself from bed abit dizzy and manages to get to the bathroom.  As she takes off her clothes to take a shower,  she thought to herself,  “I’ve really got to get this mirror out of here” looking down at her protruded stomach. She was five months gone now. Before she breaks down in tears, she gets a cloth and tosses over the mirror.

Kim remembers all too clearly the day she found out she was pregnant. The day her little 21 year old world came crashing.

Standing in that bathroom her whole life flashed right before her very eyes. She couldn’t help the tears now, as they rolled down her cheecks.
She remembered how abusive her father had been, how meek her mother had been, how timid her sister and brother grew up to be all because of the constant nightmare they faced daily.
How at an early age they had learnt to pray, not for toys or sweets but for a savior.
How they had learnt to cry themselves to sleep.

Kim trys hard to control these thoughts as they come rushing,  she couldn’t understand why thoughts and emotions she had buried for years all of a sudden let themselves loose. It must be the pregnancy she thought, as she remembered growing up as the second born of a wealthy business man.

She remembered how she would hear people whisper how wealthy her father was. How her friends kept wondering why she constantly begged for snacks or why she was always fasting…..to be continued..


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