ISOLATION(I am an island)


Okay its abit long but you’ve got to brave it and read to the end ok?


I am an island, full of every resources I can ever need.
Waking up in the morning knowing its just me.
Lost in my knowledge,  soaked by my wisdom.
Creating and building everything all on my own.

I look around my island and beat my chest.
I tell myself, I sure don’t need anyone.
I seek solace in myself and the wisdom I was given.
It is definitely all I need.

Grateful I sent them all packing.
They were all spoiling my vibe.
Thankful I realized I was wiser than them.
My company is the greatest gift ever.

I am an island full of every resources I can ever need.
Evening comes and I take stock of all my achievements.
All I did on my own, needing no man.
Indeed I definitely need no man.

I lay down ready to close my eyes.
Feeling confused all of a sudden.
Looking around and realizing I really didn’t know what I was going to do, with all I have built (though it took me more time than I ever imagined, my life time inshort), all the wisdom who to share it with.

Was I really right for thinking I needed no one?
But wait a minute! God didn’t create us as an island did He?
I must have created this island all on my own.
Can people be really that bad?
Did God not know what he was doing?

When my eyes finally shuts,
Will all my wisdom and riches go with me?
Or will they be left on this island lost forever?
Because I failed to share my wisdom, impact and grow people.

Oh my!!
Maybe its not so bad to ask for help, to be needed and need people. Maybe God wants us to share and fellowship together.

How could I lose sight of one of the greatest wisdom ever?
How could I not realise that just as some people might bring pain and discouragement others will bring hope and love.
I feel my eyes really shutting now..
I can barely stay conscious.
I murmur something to God.
I am sorry I wasted my time on earth.
I am sorry for thinking your wisdom was foolish
We definitely need eachother.

I feel myself drifting gradually
And finally every thing goes dark…


One thing we have to understand is that, Jesus was never a know it all and since we have choosen to live the life He did, even though He indeed knew it all. He was humble, always open to the opinion of others, always giving others a chance. Even if He could do it alone and am sure far better but by giving others a chance, He was also helping them grow.

Many of us have felt hurt, betrayed, heartbroken by not even strangers but by loved ones we trusted, I for one have. But this experience shouldn’t stop us from having faith in humanity and believing there are still a few good people out there.

The truth is that I have been in that place, where I just wanted to be alone,  and I would think to my self, what point is there trusting people  and letting them in when all they do is pull you down.
At that point  God made me realise that NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. That since He is God, if He wanted us to be alone, He would have created lots of islands on earth and tagged our names on each for example;  Esohe’s island! everyone keep off.
But God sees the beauty in humanity and fellowship.

Yes He knows there are mean people but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good people too.
Are you a good person?  I would like to believe your answer is yes, so what makes you think you are the only good person left on earth?

If we are to talk about betrayal and hurt, I don’t think anyone ever had it as hot as Jesus did. He was hated, despised, insulted and so much more all for the fact that He loved us, But here  is Jesus walking obediently to the slaughter to die for us.
Even till date we still break His heart daily but His arms are ever open.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, says (paraphrasing)
“Two are better than one, for if one falls the other will lift him up. It further says that woe to the one that is alone for when he falls he has no one to help him up”.

Henry ford says; ” coming together is a beginning. Keeping in touch is progress. Working together is success”

My point here is that, if God won’t lose hope in humnity I think we have a good reason not to.
.you don’t have all the wisdom
.someone might just have what you need to make that vision a reality.
.someone might just have the right words to help you handle that situation
.mostly don’t give up on love. The best is yet to come..
Happy Sunday Lovelies….

Stay Beautiful. ..


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