The ‘I’ factor..


Just at the moment when you think you are in the clear, you are safe, you can take a deep breath. Just at that moment when you are about to breathe out a sign of relief, about to utter the  words yippee! and give yourself a pat on the back. But like a predator, sneeking, searching, sniffing for it’s prey it takes a hold of you from the back, hands on your waist and grabs you back.

The action settles you,  for a moment you have no clue what just happened.  Then you begin to regain composure only for reality to set in and you realise you’ve been drawn back.

You ask yourself, but how? This couldn’t be, you where just at the finish line, you thought you had survived. You escaped, you fought, you ran, how could you have been captured again? Not after the trouble you went through to free yourself.

Now fear begins to creep in, because now you know you are in for it, in for a bigger trouble. Your captor is going to be so ruthless after you had deceived him and escaped.

Locked in the cage in the cold, you begin to weep. The rush of emotions filling and shaking your very fragile self. You feel fear, regret, anxiety, anger. Maybe you shouldn’t have escaped you think to yourself,  you are surely done for now.

You quiver in fear as you wonder what will be done to you.

Then like a blow to the head it hits you strong and hard the answer to your predicament to your being captured again…”The God factor!”
(You realise there had been no place for God)
Oh my!  You lament, what have I done? You reflect back and realise every step had been about “you”, relying on your strength, your ability, your knowledge. .
Oh the ‘I’ factor!!

You realise that at the point of being free, you assumed it was your strength that pulled you through.

Now you dont feel fear, all you feel is regret, guilt, remorse.  If only you had sought for God’s help, if only you had not relied on your own strength and abilities, 
If only you had given Glory to whom it was due. ..
It all seems hopeless now, you are really done for now.
Oh! The ‘I’ factor, what a destroyer….

I believe atimes, God lets certain things come into our lives or allow certain things to happen to us just to remind us that without Him we are nothing.
Some thing my pastor Rev Sam Oye said (Founder of The Transforming Church International Gwarinpa Abuja) that hit home. He spoke of the fact that some times God shuts every possible door in your life, so when your breakthrough comes there is no doubt as to whom the Glory belongs and so you will not think it was because you smiled at a particular door that your breakthrough came. I could really relate to that, because somthing similar happened to me the week before. When the breakthrough finally came I was just in awe, because it could have only been God

Any Grateful person in the house, who knows its been God and His mercy has kept them? Few words for you, always stay grateful and BEAUTIFUL. …..


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