Wolf in sheep’s clothing..part1


I used to know a very big liar, the biggest of them all. Indeed he was very much a wolf in sheep’s clothing .

He would disguise himself every day before he went out in the form of a harmless sheep and only the four walls of his home and his maker knew what a wolf he was.

He even succeeded  in fooling those closest to him (his family), to the extent that they could vouch for him. This wolf in sheep’s clothing would hop  out every day to hunt for innocent prey.

Many have fallen at his bite, many have wept at its deceitfulness, many have lost faith due to its ability to transform and most especially at its lying tongue.

Oh what a wolf he was! This wolf in sheep’s clothing looked as harmless as a dove but it would take one with a true spirit, who truly is a sheep to expose this liar for the wolf he truly is…

Jesus warns about those coming from within the church that would actually tear it apart. Since they are in the church, they would teach from the bible but distort its message.

As Paul states in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, they are false apostles and messengers looking like those who teach righteousness(ever wonder why it’s so hard to tell who a christian is from first glance these days?). They may look good on the outside but the life of Christ is not there on the inside and their message will always be from scripture, but distort its meaning.

Their focus will always be their church or organization instead of Christ……..

We should always ask our Father in Heaven for discernment, so we dont fall prey to these wolves…

Stay BeauTiFul…….




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